mPulse™ is a hand-held portable scrap metal analyser. It features rapid 1 second sorting and is free from the regulatory constraints usually associated with x-ray systems. mPulse is easy to use and allows you to sort faster, making light work of metal grading and sorting.

The world's fastest scrap metal analyser has been designed to allow you to quickly, simply and reliably identify scrap or recycled metal and determine its value, minimising your time and maximising your profits.

mPulse utilises a technology known as Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometry (LIBS) and is considered a non-destructive metals analysis technique.

The mPulse handheld analyser can be used to test large or small samples including turnings and granules. The laser scans the surface of the sample and will ‘bounce’ repeatedly across tiny samples to optimise the analysis. Samples can be held where convenient because the laser is microscopic, non-penetrating and cannot be felt. mPulse is a ‘surface analyser’ so test pieces should be clean but no specific sample preparation is normally needed.  Anodized surfaces will usually be penetrated by the laser.

Operation is incredibly simple, the only button on the mPulse is the trigger which is also used to power-up the instrument.

  • Rapid analysis time – only 1 second!
  • Simple point-and-shoot operation
  • Wide range of metals
  • Any sample size or type

ISRI Membership | Institute of Scrap Recycling IndustriesThe nose of the mPulse is placed against the sample and the trigger held until the result is displayed. Point. Click. Result!

Videos of Rapid Scrap Metal Analysis & Sorting - mPulse LIBS

Grade & Trade - mPulse is Optimised for the Rapid Sorting of Metal Alloys

Get Ready to Experience a New World of Speed for Scrap Metal Analysis and Sorting

Further Product Features and Benefits

fastest-scrap-metal-analysis-mPulse-sortingLarge, icon driven, touch screen for ease of use

All operations are via simple icon driven applications which can be selected on the large, colour  touch screen display, directly facing the user.

Results can be configured to be displayed in a number of formats, including the approximate analysis, alloy identification, or pass/fail. You decide how the results are displayed.

Flexible Communications

Communications include Bluetooth, a removable flash drive and a remote safety interlock.

Uninterrupted Operation

Power is from a rechargeable battery pack which will provide up to 250+ tests from full charge. Battery packs can be quickly swapped to maintain productivity.

Performance You Can Rely On

Analytical concentration ranges are appropriate for the type of metal being tested (full details are available on request). Typical limits of detection vary from 0.05% to 1%. Elements below the detection limit of the mPulse are not displayed. Empirical calibrations are against certified reference materials and other samples with qualified analysis. Accuracy can be optimized over selected ranges by user-set localised standardisation. Precision is concentration dependent but the user should expect better than +/- 2%RSD at 10% Ni in 316 Stainless Steel.

Operator Safety

The mPulse has been assessed to be a Class 3B laser and should be handled accordingly. Although powerful, the laser beam is microscopic in diameter and is virtually harmless providing the beam is not aimed directly into the retina of an eye from a short distance. The mPulse laser will not penetrate the human body and is non-ionizing. Laser light is considered non-carcinogenic. No need for operator certification or licensing.

mPulse Specifications

Element Range Optimised for the base metal
Precision Typically better than +5%
Alloy Table Extensive, user adjustable, factory installed
LOD 0.05% to 1%
Calibrations Steels and irons; Aluminium; Copper, Brass, Bronze, Cupro-Nickel etc; Nickel; Cobalt; Titanium; Magnesium; Zinc; Tungsten; Tin and Lead
(Pure identification only for Bismuth, Cadmium, Chrome, Germanium, Hafnium, Indium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Niobium, Antimony, Silicon, Tantalum, Vanadium, Ytrium and Zirconium. Others may be added on request)
Laser Miniature diode solid state Q-switched pulsed laser
Complies with 21 CFR 1040 with deviations pursuant to Laser Notice 50
Wavelength 1064nm
Peak Power < 0.5W
Pulse Energy < 150mJ/sec
US FDA Accession Number 1210668
Analytical Optics Mini Czerny-Turner based spectrometer
Dim. Body (max) 226mm x 90mm x 293mm
Weight 1.75kg
Battery Pack 12V, 1.1Ah
Mains Charger Output 16V, 4A; Input 100 to 240VAC
Temp Range -10 to +40 °C
Humidity Non-condensing


Brochure Download - mPulse

For further information - Download the brochure below

Rapid Scrap Metal Sorting with mPulse

Grade and Trade: The first handheld LIBS analyser for ultra fast scrap sorting and alloy identification

PDF 1.28MB

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