Handheld LIBS Analyzer for metals analysis - mPulsemPulse is the first handheld LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) analyzer optimised for the rapid sorting of metal alloys.

  • Identify a wide variety of metal alloys at the press of the trigger
  • Measure elements, light and heavy in only 1 second
  • Test large or small samples such as shavings, turnings, granules, cables etc.
  • No x-rays and free from the regulatory constraints usually associated with x-ray analysers
  • Simple point-and-shoot operation

mPulse scrap metal analyser has been designed to allow you to quickly, simply and reliably identify scrap or recycled metal and determine its value, minimising your time and maximising your profits.

Operation is incredibly simple, the only button on the mPulse is the trigger which is also used to power-up the instrument.

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mPulse for fast scrap sorting

The mPulse analyser is the fastest alloy sorter on the market. It has been designed for the rapid identification and sorting of heavier alloys such as Stainless Steels, Ni, Cu, Co, Ti alloys and many more. Up to 5 times faster than handheld XRF instruments, the mPulse makes measurements in just one second regardless of the alloy type.

mPulse+ for Aluminium sorting

The mPulse+ is the fastest Aluminium sorter on the market, up to 10 times faster than any handheld XRF instrument available. It is able to separate even the close grades such as Aluminium 6061 and 6063 in just one second. For ultra-fast sorting of a wide range of metal alloys including Magnesium and Aluminium alloys, stainless steels, Ni, Cu, Co, Ti alloys and many more, choose mPulse+.

  mPulse mPulse+
  mPulse mPulse+
  Rapid identification and sorting of heavier alloys Ultra-fast sorting of a wide range of metal alloys
Identification of stainless steels, Ni, Cu, Co, Ti alloys
Identification of magnesium and aluminium alloys
Speed compared to XRF analyzer Up to 5x faster Up to 10x faster
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Ease of use

  • Simple ‘point and shoot’ analysis. Simply place the mPulse nose against the sample and press the trigger to measure
  • Intuitive icon driven user interface
  • Large touch screen (4.3”) that can be used with gloves on
  • Great results visibility, even in direct sunlight
  • Grade identification, chemistry, or Pass /Fail results after only 1 second

Battery operated for true handheld usemPulse battery operated

  • Lightweight rechargeable battery pack
  • Batteries take only seconds to swap, minimising any interruption to your work
  • Up to 250 tests on a single charge
  • Two batteries included

Flexible results storage and transfer

  • Results are saved automatically on the mini-USB memory stick provided with the mPulse
  • Averaging function for multiple tests across a sample surface

Large, icon driven, touch screen for ease of usemPulse Large Icon Driven Touch Screen

  • All operations are via simple icon driven applications which can be selected on the large, colour  touch screen display, directly facing the user.
  • Results can be configured to be displayed in a number of formats, including the approximate analysis, alloy identification, or pass/fail. You decide how the results are displayed.

Performance You Can Rely On

Analytical concentration ranges are appropriate for the type of metal being tested. Typical limits of detection vary from 0.05% to 1%. Elements below the detection limit of the mPulse are not displayed. Empirical calibrations are against certified reference materials and other samples with qualified analysis. Accuracy can be optimized over selected ranges by user-set localised standardisation. Precision is concentration dependent but the user should expect better than +/- 2%RSD at 10% Ni in 316 Stainless Steel.

Operator Safety

The mPulse has been assessed to be a Class 3B laser and should be handled accordingly. Although powerful, the laser beam is microscopic in diameter and is virtually harmless providing the beam is not aimed directly into the retina of an eye from a short distance. The mPulse laser will not penetrate the human body and is non-ionizing. Laser light is considered non-carcinogenic. No need for operator certification or licensing.


Overview of the LIBS analyzer mPulse

Overview of the LIBS analyzer mPulse

How fast can mPulse identify 5 samples?

How fast can mPulse identify 5 samples?

What is LIBS?

Laser Induced Breakdown SpectroscopyLaser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is becoming a popular analytical technique, which can potentially measure all elements in the periodic table, in samples of all types (gas, solids, liquids).  LIBS is important in applications such as the recycling of scrap metals and alloys where it can be used to quickly identify a large number of items. No other material analysis technique can match the performance of LIBS in this area.

The basic principle is illustrated in the schematic diagram. Each laser pulse hits the surface of the material to be analysed causing a tiny amount of the sample to be ablated. This tiny amount of material is heated up to a high temperature, forming a plasma at the surface of the sample. In the plasma, atoms are energized, forming atomic and ionic species of the present elements - the plasma forms with temperatures of 10,000°C at the sample surface.

After each pulse the plasma cools and characteristic light emissions can be observed as the energised ions return to their original atomic state. The light emissions are collected through a fibre optic cable, and processed by the spectrometer, applying advanced statistical methods to generate reproducible, reliable results for each analysis to give the sample’s elemental composition and alloy grade.

World's first

The LIBS portfolio includes mPulse, the world’s first LIBS handheld alloy sorter, capable of reliably identifying metal alloys in just one second. The mPulse is simple to use. No buttons: just press the trigger to switch the mPulse on and start the test. With LIBS there are no X-rays, so the mPulse is free from all the regulations governing the use of X-ray emitting products. This reduces the need for training and paperwork, making LIBS truly hassle free.

A (virtually) non-destructive technique

A microscopic amount of material is consumed –  as little as 1 billionth of a gram (1 nanogram), leaving a tiny mark on the sample. During the pulse the power density at the sample surface can exceed 1 Gigawatt per cm2. However, the average power density of a test is less than 1 Watt – there is almost no sample heating surrounding the test area.

No sample preparation

LIBS is able to analyse a material directly without the need to prepare the sample beforehand. If the sample material is coated with another material (eg. oxidised or painted), the laser radiation may be used to initially clean the surface of the sample to expose the underlying material allowing chemical analysis to be carried out.

Application areas

  • Ultra fast identification and sorting of scrap metals and alloys during recycling
  • Positive Metal Identification (PMI) of components for good-inwards, manufacturing and assembly
  • Compositional analysis of complex shape objects


mPulse Brochure

Download the brochure for the Handheld LIBS Analyzer - mPulse

PDF 1.95MB

Additional one year warranty *mPulse or mPulse+ ordered before 30th September 2015 will include an additional one year warranty extension free of charge. The first 20 orders will also receive a free 3rd battery. Contact us for full terms and conditions of this offer.

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