core-analysis-using-nmr-geospec2GeoSpec is the industry standard NMR core analyser, with installations in almost every major oil producer and SCAL laboratory world-wide.

Our partnership with Green Imaging Technologies guarantees complete hardware and software integration which makes it possible for any core analysis laboratory to obtain comprehensive NMR core analysis results without the need for an in-house NMR expert.

GeoSpec models for routine measurements of relaxation distributions generally operate at 2MHz in order to reduce artefacts caused by ferromagnetic material in the samples and to mimic the operation of the NMR logging tools. Higher field versions are also available for special applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Standard GeoSpec instruments are available in three different magnet sizes to accommodate cores of different diameter from 1” up to full core.

All GeoSpec2 models are equipped with Q-Sense, our ground-breaking new technology for improved signal-to-noise and ultra-short echo times. Both features essential for accurate measurements on tight rocks and shales.

With the addition of extra hardware and software options, the GeoSpec range is also capable of more advanced research applications, some of which are described below.

Research Applications

By adding an accessory called Pulsed Field Gradients (pfg) to the NMR instrument, it becomes possible to carry out measurements dependent on the diffusion, flow, or distribution of the fluids within the core sample. This allows us to conduct measurements to investigate, for example, fluid typing and fluid distribution.

Patented software allows 2-dimensional data maps to be constructed to help with fluid typing, and other patented software generates spatially-dependent T2 distributions from “slices” along the core length.

For users who are familiar with NMR and wish to add their own measurement protocols to the standard software, an Application Developer package is available. This allows users to write their own NMR pulse sequences and make the protocols available to other users through the standard software interface.

Overburden Studies Using the P5 Cell

Overburden Studies using the P5 CellNuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a valuable tool for both routine core analysis and SCAL. Most measurements are made at ambient temperature and pressure, but it is becoming increasingly important to carry out measurements at as close to reservoir conditions as possible. To do this, an NMR-compatible core holder is needed, but existing designs have severe limitations on either sample handling or NMR performance.

The P5 Cell makes overburden studies routine by removing these limitations and allowing users to carry out NMR measurements at reservoir conditions. Designed and built with a focus on usability and performance, the cell allows users to pressurize samples with up to 5,000 psi of confining pressure. The P5 Cell, unique to the GeoSpec range of NMR rock core analysers, uses state-of-the-art materials to allow the NMR coil to be closer to the sample while maintaining the performance of the GeoSpec.

Unique features of the P5 Cell:

  • Can be held at pressure outside the instrument
  • Allows quick loading/unloading of samples through the twist-lock lid
  • Low background signals for effective measurements on low volume samples such as shales
  • Multiple levels of safety protection
  • NMR coil embedded in the cell - increases SNR allowing faster and more accurate measurements

The P5 Cell allows the sample to be pressurised both inside and outside the instrument. Pressurised samples can be inserted and removed from the instrument without depressurising, eliminating pressure cycling issues. The cell is designed with pressure fittings at the top and bottom, allowing users to perform pressure flow studies.

The safety of the user is our highest priority. The P5 Cell is an industry first; its secondary containment system provides unprecedented protection in a pressurised environment. Each cell is CE certified and tested to ensure the highest quality and safety standards are met.

Downloads and Further Information

NMR Core Analysis - GeoSpec2 Brochure

GeoSpec2 advances both performance and flexibility in NMR core analysis. A primary goal of GeoSpec2 is to make NMR core analysis measurements also accessible to non-NMR experts.

PDF 1.32MB
NMR Core Analysis - P5 Overburden Cell Brochure

No longer does one sample monopolise the NMR instrument for days or weeks. The P5 Cell allows the sample to be pressurised both inside and outside the instrument, avoiding issues with depressurising.

NMR Core Analysis - GIT App Builder Brochure

The GIT App Builder is a fully integrated development environment allowing users to write pulse sequences, set parameters, run the sequences, visualise the results and process the data.

PDF 4.38MB
Application Note: NMR log calibration from laboratory core measurements

The fundamental basis of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) measurements on fluid-bearing rocks is that the decay or relaxation time of the NMR signals (T2) is directly related to the pore size.