Coating thickness measurement and materials analysis to improve process and quality control with X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

The X-Strata920 is a compact, rugged and reliable quality control XRF benchtop system for simple, rapid, non-destructive coating thickness measurement and materials analysis.

It performs excellent coating thickness analysis and characterisation of multi-layer analysis across a wide range of industrial markets, including electronics, metal finishing, alloys and precious metals assay.

The coating thickness measurement analyser X-Strata920 offers:

  • Non-destructive analysis: no sample preparation
  • Field-proven technology and reliability ensuring value for money year after year
  • Easy to use, with minimal user training required
  • Analysis in only three simple steps
  • Outstanding precision and accuracy of analysis
  • Culmination of over 20 years knowledge and experience in the coatings industry

Coating thickness measurement with the powerful and easy to use XRF spectrometer guarantees quality and reduces costs.

Product Benefits

High performance accuracy and long-term stability

  • Fast and precise analysis for production cost optimisation
  • Accurate determination of elemental thickness
  • Optimised performance across a wide range of elements
  • Ease of use for production staff

Rugged and robust design

  • Operation by the production line or in a laboratory
  • Rapid measurement (seconds) from one to four coating layers
  • “Slotted Chamber” to measure large area samples, e.g. printed circuit boards, flat sheets etc

Simple calibration setup

  • Analytical methods (empirical or Fundamental parameters, FP) provide simplicity and reliable quantitative results when no calibration standards are available
  • Methods are created in minutes
  • We supply certified standards for best accuracy (A2LA and ISO/IEC17025 accredited)
  • Preloaded calibration parameters available
  • Range of hardware configurations, i.e. Standard base, Minwell, or automated table to cover a wide range of sample types
  • Compliance with ISO3487 and ASTM B568 test methods

Analysis of variety of sample shapes and sizes

  • Analyse a wide range of sample types from miniature electronic components to bathroom fittings
  • A range of hardware options is available to suit every need


Markets and Industries

Electronics - Increase productivity with better process control

  • Analysis of gold and palladium thickness of electrical contacts, for example Au/Ni/Cu
  • Measurement of solderability on printed circuit boards such as Ag/Cu/Epoxy

Metal Finishing - Minimise production cost of the plating process and maximise production output

  • Multi sample and multi point analysis
  • Single or multi layer thickness measurement
  • Plating bath analysis

Precious Metals / Metal Alloys - Rapid, non-destructive analysis of jewellery and other alloys

  • Gold analysis, i.e. Karat and other elements determination
  • Precious metal alloy assay

Compliance testing -  Ensure products conform to specifications

  • Determination of hazardous substances from ppm to high % levels
  • Quantification of toxic elements e.g. Cd, Hg, Pb etc to verify compliance
  • RoHS screening following IEC62321
  • High reliability testing for aerospace - positive identification of leaded solder

Alternative Energy - Ensure product efficiency and uniformity

  • Thin-film photovoltaic cells - composition analysis of the thin-film absorber layer (e.g. CIS, CIGS, CdTe)
  • Optimised electrical conductivity through layer thickness analysis

X-Strata920 - Three Configurations

X-Strata920 - Three Configurations to suit your needs:

Standard base

  • A “slotted chamber” allows the measurement of a wide range of samples from small components to very large flat samples, e.g. printed circuit board. The size of the sample can exceed the width of the instrument
  • Economical and practical
  • For the analysis of samples up to 33mm (1.3”) in height

Mini-well base

  • The “Mini-Well” chamber design allows the measurement of a wide range of parts/components from small to large, i.e. up to 160mm (6.3”) in height
  • Sample tray which can be positioned in one of four positions in the “Mini-Well” to hold samples of differing height, ensuring a range of parts/components can be measured with ease
  • A "slotted chamber" allows the measurement of large flat samples, e.g. printed circuit boards whose size can exceed the width of the instrument

Programmable XY base

  • A motorised and programmable table allows automatic measurements for highest sample throughput and unattended operation. 
  • Mouse control enables easy positioning of the parts/components being analysed to the precise points for analysis
  • The "Slotted chamber" allows large flat samples to be measured, e.g. printed circuit boards
  • Table size: 56mm (22") D x 61mm (24") W

Videos - Coating Analysis with X-Strata


Downloads and Further Information

X-Strata and GMF brochures for download

To find out more about coating thickness measurement and materials analysis download our X-Strata920, X-Strata980 and General Metal Finishing brochures:

X-Strata920 Coating Thickness Brochure

Cost-effective, rapid and reliable XRF for coating thickness measurement and materials analysis

PDF 1.31MB
GMF Brochure - Coating thickness and composition analysis

Complete, cost-effective range of coating thickness and composition analyzers
Where every mil or micron counts

PDF 1.77MB

If you require application notes, please contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

What is XRF? What is a X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer?

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