Remote plasma & thermal ALD in one flexible tool

The FlexAL® systems provide a new range of flexibility and capability in the engineering of nanoscale structures and devices by offering remote plasma atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes and thermal ALD within a single ALD system.

The FlexAL system delivers:

  • Maximum flexibility in the choice of materials and precursors
  • Low-temperature processes enabled by plasma ALD
  • Low damage maintained by the use of remote plasma
  • Controllable, repeatable processes via recipe-driven software interface
  • Can be configured for both R&D and Production environments

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Atomic layer deposition process solutions

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System Features and Benefits

FlexAL System Benefits:

  • Ability to handle from small wafer pieces up to full 200mm wafers
  • Load-locked wafer entry for low particle count and short loading-to-process-start time
  • Integral glove box on precursor modules for in-situ change-over
  • Integral ports to allow the addition of in-situ ellipsometry measurement tools
  • May be integrated in cluster system with other process tools, including Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 100 range of etch and deposition tools
  • Licensed technology from ASM International NV

Key Features

  • Remote plasma & thermal ALD in one flexible tool
  • Automated 200mm load lock for process flexibility
  • Clusterable for vacuum transfer of substrates
  • Cassette to cassette handling increases throughput suitable for production
  • Hex handler with robot and 25 wafer cassette for 100mm, 150mm or 200mm wafers (no tools required to swap between wafers)
  • All configurations can be located entirely within the cleanroom or through-the-wall

ALD Tool Comparison

Tool Comparison - FlexAL and OpAL:

Feature OpAL® FlexAL®
Substrates Up to 200mm wafers & pieces directly on stage Up to 200mm wafers handling and pieces on a carrier plate
Bubbled liquid & solid precursors Up to 4 plus water, ozone and gases Up to 8 plus water, ozone and gases
Max precursor source temperature 200ºC 200ºC
Mfc controlled gas lines with rapid delivery system;
1) thermal gas precursors (e.g. NH3, O2)
2) plasma gases (e.g. O2, N2, H2)
2 internally.
Up to 8 in externally
mounted gas pod
Up to 10 in externally mounted gas pod
Plasma Option/field upgrade Option
Loading Open load Loadlock or cassette
Clusterable to other process modules No Yes - inc third party MESC modules as special option
Wafer stage temperature range 25ºC – 400ºC 25ºC – 400ºC (550ºC option)
Ellipsometry ports Yes Yes
Swagelok 10ms rapid pulsing ALD valves Yes Yes

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FlexAL Operator Loading Wafer

FlexAL Operator Loading Wafer



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Open loaded thermal ALD tool with plasma option

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Flexible Support Agreements

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