Save up to $20,000 dollars when you trade in your old AFM

Asylum Research AFMs Keep Pace with Advancements in Technology

  • Closed-loop sensor noise has been reduced 70-85% on the MFP-3D Infinity™ AFM. Cypher AFMs offer even lower noise, the lowest in the industry! Now you can enjoy the simplicity of precise zooms and offsets with no resolution compromise.
  • Cypher™ is a fast scanning AFM, using small cantilvers to scan 20-100x faster than other AFMs. But unlike other fast scanning AFMs it supports a full range of modes and accessories.
  • blueDrive™ reinvents tapping mode AFM for simpler, more stable and more quantitative results in both air and liquid.
  • Cypher ES enables hassle-free environmental control - temperature, liquid perfusion and chemical compatibility.
  • GetStarted™ automatically sets optimized tapping mode imaging parameters for high quality data from the first scan line.

Don't get caught by obsolescence

  • Many legacy AFMs from companies like Digital Instruments, Veeco, Bruker, Topometrix, and Molecular Imaging are no longer supported by the manufacturer for repairs.

Asylum Research AFMs are incredibly robust and reliable. If you ever do have a problem, we will get you back up and running quickly and without charging a small fortune for repairs.

Higher performance, ease of use, reliability, and exceptional support

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