Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is now part of Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is now part of Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

Industrial Analysis Case Studies

A multinational giant in the healthcare industry chooses Oxford Instruments handheld X-MET XRF for improved quality control and RoHS compliance

Learn how handheld XRF helped a major multi-national healthcare industry giant to save money, improve quality and process control, while eliminating time consuming lab analysis for RoHS compliance. Medical devices were granted an exemption from RoHS restrictions until 2014, but this company decided to be proactive in taking initiatives to institute a process to ensure its products are environmentally friendly by meeting RoHS compliance regulations, while maintaining its reputation of providing its customers with high quality products prior to the 2014 deadline.

Today's manufacturers must develop and maintain proper protocols to ensure they have due diligence and a screening program in place so their company's products comply to regulations and minimize exposure to risks. The cost of non compliance can be huge and have major repercussions for a company and even result in loss of life. Find out how XRF can help streamline processes, minimize risk and reduce costs for your company. Learn More

A multinational leader in the metal refining industry chooses X-MET7000 handheld analyzers for improved quality and process control

Downtime costs in the refining process can be high. This large multi-national leader in the metal refining industry turned to handheld XRF analysis to streamline large quantities of material whether it is wet or dry to quickly determine the amount of unwanted metal contaminants in their concentrates. Implementing the X-MET in their screening process allowed them to make informed decisions on the spot, and move specific concentrates to the appropriate refining process based on the amount of contamination present. This allowed them to reduce the volume of samples going to the lab and resulted in a saving of a significant amount of time and money. Learn More

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