Oxford Instruments Customer Service recognises there are many decisions to make when choosing the right  product and company with which to partner. It is not just about superb instrument functionality or the rugged design of the analyser.

When choosing to work with Oxford Instruments you are safe in the knowledge that you have the backup and support of our skilled product champions and dedicated support engineers throughout the complete lifetime of your instrument. Oxford Instruments offer a range of support packages that provide you with the level of service you require.

Our goal is to provide our customers with faultless service and swift expert maintenance on our products to ensure they perform to their highest capabilities.

OiService mission is to allow our customers to concentrate on their own business objectives safe in the knowledge that we are always there to provide full support capability.

Comprehensive Service Plan Agreements to fit your needs and your budget are now available

How will a service plan agreement from OiService benefit you?

  • It maintains important measurement accuracy
  • It eliminates the worry around unpredicted and unbudgeted repair costs
  • It minimises analyser downtime, maximising throughput and maintaining productivity
  • It provides a useful, annual preventative maintenance check which verifies system performance

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Find Support for a Specific Product

Oxford Instruments provides extensive support, service and warranty options for all of our products.  Support is provided on a business-specific and product-specific basis. 

To find out more, please choose the product you are looking for support for.

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