X-ray Tube Dimensions

This application note describes the three dimensional axes of X-ray tubes and how these
coordinates are used in defining the focal spot size of the X-ray tube.



The three dimensional axes defined:

  • Y is the axis of the tube
  • Z is the axis of the window that points toward the object
  • The X axis is perpendicular to both the Y and Z axes as defined by the right hand rule
  • The X axis is perpendicular to the filament axis
  • The axis of the filament in 3D space is along Z but gets projected onto the Y axis by the target

The images below depict the three dimensional axes of bare glass tubes (Figure A), large brass
packed tubes (Figure B), stainless steel packaged tubes (Figure C) and a brass packaged
integrated X-ray source (Figure D).


In the spot station’s final published camera view, X is horizontal and Y is vertical.

This is an example of the spot station’s published camera view.


The X-ray cone angle originates at the focal spot.

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