Leading the way in Cryofree® Technology

Oxford Instruments has the most extensive range of Cryofree products on the market ranging from 4 K optical cryostats to ultra low temperature inserts down to microkelvin temperatures and superconducting magnets up to 18 T. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Overview of the Cryofree range.

4K Optical cryostats for Spectroscopy.

Dilution Refrigerators.

Helium-3 systems.

Superconducting magnets.

Supporting the Scientific community

Oxford Instruments is proud to support the scientific community by sponsoring Science Prizes, including the prestigious Fritz London Prize which which will be awarded at the LT27, Low temperature Physics show in Argentina in August this year.

We also sponsor a European, North American and Chinese Prize, visit www.oxinst.com/scienceprize to find out more.