Econo Board™ AFM Probes

Compatible with all brands of atomic force microscopes


Budget-priced AFM probes — premium performance 

budget priced AFM probes

Econo Board Probes” are the first series of AFM probes released from Asylum Research’s new line of SurfRider™ probes. While budget-priced, the performance of these budget probes rivals more expensive premium probes. They're suitable for nearly all routine AFM measurements, and perfect for training or education. An occasional tip crash “wipeout” won’t break the budget!

They are available in eight different models covering resonance frequencies ranging from 13 to 300 kHz, and come in PtIr coated and non-coated models. 

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Get ready to surf your sample with the best economically-priced AFM probes available today.

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Get the results you need

Available in models to support imaging modes, both basic and advanced

AFM Phase dataPhase image collected at the same time, showing additional details.
AFM tapping modeTapping mode resolves fine structure in a microporous polymer membrane. (MFP-3D Infinity™ with Econo-TESP-Au probe)

Basic Tapping Mode 
Tapping mode is the most widely used imaging mode. It readily produces high resolution images on a wide range of samples. Tip sharpness is preserved on hard samples, and soft samples remain undamaged because both vertical and lateral imaging forces are kept low. Phase data, acquired concurrently, provides quick qualitative contrast related to material properties.

Nanomechanical Modes 
Modes like AM-FM Viscoelastic Mapping Mode, Fast Force Mapping, and Contact Resonance Viscoelastic Mapping Mode can quantitatively measure the mechanical properties of samples at nanoscale resolution.
Nanoelectrical Modes
There are a variety of AFM tools to evaluate local electrical properties including current, surface charge and potential, dielectric breakdown, conductivity, and permittivity.

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