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At Asylum Research, we put science first. Everything we do, from R&D to service and support, has at its core our commitment to leading edge scientific research. Our AFM users span a wide range of core disciplines (physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, medicine, pharmacy, etc), and use our instruments daily to solve difficult experimental problems in these important fields.  

To see how our AFM technology is changing the world, all you need do is survey the literature. Our users publish their work in most leading scientific journals, with new articles coming out weekly. To get the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of Asylum User publications in your area of interest, we recommend using Google Scholar.

Search by Asylum AFM Product Families 

For a simple search on our MFP-3D or Cypher product line, click directly on the links below:

For more refined application or topical searches, use search operators and other punctuation to fine tune your results. A complete list of Google search operators can be found here

Create Your Own Publication List

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Include the “Asylum” terms below and add your specific keywords and operators (putting quotes around words or phrases is a search operator which pulls results with the exact words in the quotes and in the same order) 
Below is an example of a bibliography search for someone interested in polymer nanoparticles on either our MFP-3D or Cypher family of AFM systems. 

  • "Asylum Research" (always include this in your search)
  • "MFP" or "Cypher" (if you would like a specific instrument)
  • "polymer" "nanoparticles" ("keyword 1" "keyword 2" etc.. add or take away words depening on how specific you want your results)
"asylum research" "polymer" "nanoparticles" "mfp"

Finally, if you prefer to have us send you a list of articles tailored for your specific application please email us with your detailed request.

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