Cypher ES Heater Sample Stage

Allows heating of samples in gas environments from ambient to 250°C in a sealed environment.

Cypher ES Cooler Heater Sample Stage

Allows heating or cooling of samples in gas or liquid environments from 0° to 120°C in a sealed environment.

Air Temperature Control

The ATC flows temperature regulated, HEPA filtered air through the Cypher enclosure. Closed-loop temperature control isolates the AFM from room temperature variations, minimizing thermal drift for imaging and force curves. The temperature control system is controlled via a graphical user interface within the Asylum Research software.

Turnkey Glovebox

Operate your MFP-3D in a turnkey glovebox for the most demanding environmental control under low oxygen and low water (sub-ppm) conditions. Our fully integrated glovebox solutions are engineered to deliver maximum usability and performance. Contact us for information regarding availability outside the United States and Europe. Glovebox Data Sheet


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