Following the methods reported in Lu et al. (Langmuir 28 (2012), 12691-12695), we captured the following images of adsorbed molecules at the water-HOPG interface. All imaging was performed on an Asylum Research Cypher ES AFM using tapping mode with blueDrive photothermal excitation and an Arrow UHF-AuD probe. The sample was prepared with Millipore purified water. The resulting patches were imaged ca. 60 minutes after sample preparation.

Starting with a 1 µm scan, irregular patches are observed on the HOPG substrate:

Height image: Scan size 1 µm, scan rate 7.8 Hz, amplitude setpoint 1.2 nm

Zooming in on an edge of the patch with a 100 nm scan size reveals stripes:

Height image: Scan size 100 nm, scan rate 5.5 Hz, amplitude setpoint 0.35 nm

Zooming in to a 25 nm scan size reveals atomic resolution and defects in the stripes:

Height image: Scan size 25 nm, scan rate 10 Hz, amplitude setpoint 0.35 nm

Phase image: Scan size 25 nm, scan rate 10 Hz, amplitude setpoint 0.35 nm


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