AFM and EDS Workshop at UIUC
March 13, 2018

Increase Your AFM Knowledge
Asylum Research will discuss the latest advancements in AFM including video-rate AFM, nanomechanical characterization, and environmental control. An Open Lab in the afternoon gives attendees an excellent opportunity to meet with Asylum scientists to learn tips and tricks or get help with imaging. If you plan to bring a sample, you must schedule it in advance with

Learn About the Latest Developments in EDS

Oxford Instruments Nanoanalysis will cover the latest developments in EDS, including limitations to the data, as well as EBSD.


Registration is free, however, due to limited seating, all attendees must register. 


Materials Research Lab
104 South Goodwin Ave
Urbana, IL 60801
Lectures: ESB Room 190
Open Lab: MRL 0014 Supercon


9:00 – 9:30am


Arrival, registration


9:30 – 9:45


Introduction and Welcome


UIUC and
Asylum Research


9:45 – 10:30


Lecture:  What’s New in the NanoWorld of AFM


Drew Griffin
Asylum Research


10:30 – 11:15


Lecture: Latest Developments in EDS and EBSD


Dylan Wood
Oxford Instruments Nanoanalysis 


11:15 – 11:35


AM-FM Viscoelastic Imaging —Tips from the Trenches


Matt Poss


11:35 – 11:55am


Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM)—Tips from the Trenches


Farhad Haque


12:00 – 1:00pm


Lunch provided


1:00 – 5:00


Open AFM Lab—Learn tips, tricks and techniques from the experts

Tim Walsh, Drew Griffin
Asylum Research




Kathy Walsh, UIUC

Drew Griffin, Asylum Research


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