5 Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Agilent AFM

  1. Exceptional environmental control for simple liquid perfusion, stable temperature control, and robust chemical compatibility.
  2. Highest-resolution imaging with the accuracy and convenience of a closed-loop scanner for precise zooms and offsets.
  3. blueDrive™ makes operating in liquid simpler than ever before and doesn't require special probes. It makes "MAC mode®" obsolete. 
  4. Scan up to 20× faster to capture sample dynamics, increase throughput, or just finish your work sooner.
  5. Generous trade-in discount for your old AFM when purchasing any new Asylum Research Cypher™ or MFP-3D™ AFM.

As a researcher, having the latest AFM technology will help you get the best results. Take the next step and tell us about your research needs. We'd like to help you get a great AFM for a great price.


"MAC mode" is a registered trademark of Keysight Technologies, Inc.

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