Sample Mounts

A variety of sample mounts are available in addition to the standard magnetic mount and clip mount. These include mounts for SEM stubs and coverslips. Sample Mount Data Sheet

Vacuum Chuck

The Vacuum Chuck allows flat samples to be held without any mechanical contacts to the top surface and with no adhesives on the bottom surface. The Vacuum Chuck has three rings to which vacuum can be routed to accommodate 3 or 4 wafers, or sample sizes between 0.8 and 3”. Note: Some regions of the wafers are not accessible.

Digital Access Module

The Digital Access Module provides digital I/O to the controller for applications such as photon counting and synchronization to the AFM scan. The Extended Digital Interface Module also provides additional programmable TTL outputs. Digital Access Module Data Sheet

Extended Z Head

The Extended Z Head provides 40 μm Z range for imaging tall samples and long-range force measurements, with very minimal degradation of imaging performance (atomic resolution is still achievable). Extended Z Head Data Sheet

High Bandwidth Photodiode Option

The High Bandwith Photodiode Option upgrades vertical and horizontal signal detection bandwidth to >5 MHz. The high bandwidth signal is available on two coaxial connectors for external measurement. (Included with the MFP-3D Infinity) 

MFP-3D Leg Extenders

The MFP-3D Leg Extenders raise the scan head to allow imaging of thicker samples up to 30 mm in height (inquire about thicker samples).


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