Closed Fluid Cell

The Closed Fluid Cell (CFC) is designed to hold gases or liquids either statically or with perfusion through configurable inlet/outlet ports. The unique design enables the cell, sample, and cantilever holder to be fully assembled and sealed in a controlled environment (e.g. glovebox or hood) and then transferred to the AFM for use. Two related versions are available: 1) the “Fluid Cell Lite” that has no inlet/outlet ports and minimizes evaporation but is not completely sealed, and 2) the “Electrical Closed Cell,” which enables electrical connections to the sample. Closed Fluid Cell Data Sheet

Fluid Cell Lite

The Fluid Cell Lite is an economical fluid imaging accessory that allows for optical access to the sample from below. The portless fluid dish helps prevent accidental leakage and is ideal for multi-user AFM facilities where each user can have their own cell and avoid cross-contamination. Fluid Cell Lite Data Sheet


The BioHeater adds temperature control to the fluid exchange capabilities of the Closed Fluid Cell, allowing imaging in fluid between ambient and 80°C. It supports samples up to 25 mm in diameter. The kit includes various sample accessories and spare parts, as well as a membrane and clamp for sealed operation. BioHeater Data Sheet

Petri Dish Heater and Petri Dish Holder

The Petri Dish Heater enables heating temperature-sensitive biological samples, specifically living cells, at physiologically-relevant temperatures ranging from ambient to 45°C. The kit includes an assortment of Petri dishes, a membrane that minimizes evaporation, and a magnetic clamp to secure the dish to the sample plate. The Petri Dish Holder is a basic, non-heating version. Petri Dish Heater Data Sheet


The iDrive™ cantilever holder simplifies imaging in fluid, especially for soft samples. The amplitude of mechanical resonance peaks normally associated with fluid imaging are eliminated which allows for easy auto-tuning of the cantilever in fluid for AC, Dual AC, and Phase Imaging. iDrive Data Sheet

MicroFlow Cell

The MicroFlow Cell is similar to the standard MFP-3D cantilever holder but includes fluid exchange ports which can be used to exchange the liquid in a small volume around the probe.


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