Photovoltaic Option for the MFP-3D Infinity

The Photovoltaic (PV) option for the MFP-3D Infinity AFM enables high resolution electrical characterization with simultaneous customizable bottom-side sample illumination. The PV option gives investigators a turnkey, flexible and cost-effective solution that can be used with a multitude of electrical characterization techniques and environmental control accessories. Photovoltaic Option Data Sheet


Variable Field Module 3

The Variable Field Module 3 (VFM3) is ideal for magnetic force microscopy and other applications where the sample has a dependence on the applied magnetic field. The VFM3 can apply in-plane (±8,000 G) and out-of-plane (±2,000 G) magnetic fields and offers ~1 G field resolution. Unlike competing designs, it uses permanent magnets to avoid heating and associated drift. Variable Field Module 3 Data Sheet

NanoRack Sample Stretching Stage

Extract new information from your samples with the NanoRack™. This unique sample stage applies symmetric tensile or compressive loading to samples about a central area that can be simultaneously observed with the AFM. The stage features a large range to achieve high strains and an integrated load cell to measure high stresses with forces up to 80 N. NanoRack Data Sheet, Polymer Stretching Application Note 

High Voltage Options and Kits

These optional packages allow high voltage (±220 V) to be applied between the tip and sample. Each package includes a high voltage amplifier and additional accessories for your specific application. Compatible with the Closed Fluid Cell, Variable Field Module 3, PolyHeater, Humidity Sensing Cell, and CoolerHeater. (up to ±150 V on MFP-3D Infinity) 

Probe Station

The Probe Station attaches to the MFP-3D scanner and allows easy electrical probing of samples, electrical biasing, and other measurements while the sample is being scanned with the AFM. A variety of electrical connections can be made and combined with various imaging modes.


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