Environmental Controller

The Environmental Controller interfaces with the BioHeater™, PolyHeater™, CoolerHeater, Petri Dish Heater, and Humidity Sensing Cell to provide unprecedented precision and accuracy. The Environmental Controller is sold separately but works with multiple accessories using the SmartStart™ interface to auto-configure each for easy plug and play operation.


The PolyHeater is a modular heating stage designed for high temperature polymer studies from ambient to 300°C in air or a controlled gas environment. It supports samples up to 20 mm in diameter. It is also available as the PolyHeater+ for temperatures up to 400°C. A special version is available for the MFP-3D Origin that heats from ambient to 275°C and includes a standalone programmable controller. PolyHeater Data Sheet  / 
PolyHeater for the MFP-3D Origin Data Sheet


The CoolerHeater uses a Peltier element to heat and cool samples. Temperature can be continuously controlled from -30°C to +120°C. The system includes a coolant pump for work below 0°C. It supports samples up to 15mm in diameter. The kit includes various sample accessories, as well as a membrane and clamp for sealed operation. CoolerHeater Data Sheet

Humidity Sensing Cell

The Humidity Sensing Cell measures humidity conditions with a sensor located within a sealed sample cell. The cell supports samples up to 30 mm in diameter. In addition, a moat that surrounds the sample with a salt solution allows for humidity control. The kit includes various sample accessories, as well as a membrane and clamp for sealed operation. Humidity Cell Data Sheet

Turnkey Glovebox

Operate your MFP-3D in a turnkey glovebox for the most demanding environmental control under low oxygen and low water (sub-ppm) conditions. Our fully integrated glovebox solutions are engineered to deliver maximum usability and performance. Contact us for configurations and availability. Glovebox Data Sheet


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