"Video-Rate AFM Enables New Research Opportunities"

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This webinar, presented by Dr. Mario Viani, Director of R&D, Asylum Research, covers the recent introduction of a new video-rate AFM that has improved imaging speeds by yet another order of magnitude, 300x faster than normal AFMs and 10x faster than current “fast scanning” AFMs, with the ability to capture movies with a temporal resolution better than a second.

Current results taken via video-rate AFM will be presented, including:

  • Real-time self-assembly of collagen into fibrils
  • Enzymatic cleaving of DNA
  • Migration of surfactant micelles on graphite

Additionally, related experiments such as the melting and re-crystallization of polymers will be shown and future research opportunities that might be enabled by this technology will be discussed.

Finally, we will briefly review the design of the AFM used for this work, the newly released Asylum Research Cypher VRS, the first and only full-featured video-rate AFM, that enables the advanced performance with easy operation.

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"Exploring Flatlands: Characterizing 2D Materials with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)" 
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"Thanks. The webinar [How to Choose the Right AFM Probe] was very clear and nice! We're looking forward to watching the recorded version to take advantage of all the info and suggestions". — Univ. of Technology Eindhoven

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"More than Just Roughness: AFM Techniques for Thin Film Analysis"
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Thin films and coatings are critical in everything from common consumer products to next-generation photovoltaics and data storage. Regardless of application, enhanced film performance is increasingly achieved by controlling and manipulating materials on micro and nanometer length scales. Thus the need to measure film structure and properties on similar scales has grown correspondingly important.

In this webinar, we explore the powerful capabilities of today’s atomic force microscopes (AFMs) for characterizing thin films. For example, the AFM is well known for its high-resolution topographic imaging capabilities. But recent improvements in speed, sensitivity, and ease of use make it more valuable than ever for quantifying 3D roughness and texture. We cover the basic concepts of surface imaging and analysis, and show illustrative examples.
Research and instrumentation advances have also produced a variety of AFM techniques to characterize electrical, electromechanical, and other functional response. We overview these techniques and discuss in detail an example of their application to memory access devices in the semiconductor industry. New capabilities for nanomechanical imaging are also briefly introduced.
With examples that cover a wide range of systems, this webinar highlights the impact and versatility of advanced AFMs for thin-film research and development.
Asylum's AFM Workshop and Open Lab is coming to Purdue Univ. May 8-10. See the first and only full-featured video-r… https://t.co/afJgHnqlwv
12:22 AM - 12 Apr 18
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