AutoPhaseMap - click to see the complete 4k imageFrom Microanalysis to Nanoanalysis - in One Acquisition

The X-MaxN 150 mm2 large area SDD detector, in combination with new AZtecEnergy software, provides a powerful EDS microanalysis solution.

In reality, microanalysis and nanoanalysis are misleading terms because, with Oxford instruments’ technology, both are possible -
even in a single acquisition.



Example of the analysis of a steel slag sample

In this study, we look at how AutoPhaseMap is applied to study phases on the scale of 100 microns - and those as small of 100nm - in a steel slag sample using SmartMap spectral mapping data collected in a single acquisition.

The field of view image above is 0.1mm wide. Click it to open up in a new window and expand in your browser to see the full 25nm per pixel resolution. Note that the image is roughly 4000 pixels wide by 3000 pixels high.

The application note is downloadable below.

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