New features in the latest vesion of AZtec

Oxford Instruments announces a major release of AZtec, its solution for EDS and EBSD microanalysis.

The new version contains new products, new analysis features, and integrates some 50+ ideas raised by AZtec users since its launch in April 2010.

Simultaneously, we have just released 10 new application notes...

The latest version of AZtecEnergy includes:

  • a new software product, LayerProbe, for the non-destructive characterisation of thin films and coatings in the SEM
  • a new feature, QuantLine, that allows quantitative analysis between any two points of the specimen (QuantLine is also available in AZtecTEM)
  • a new module, AutoPhaseMap, that automatically finds phases from X-ray map data, and determines the distribution, area, constituent elements and composition of each of these areas. AutoPhaseMap characterises phases in features only 100 nm wide; it can detect phases that are comprised of elements that were not thought to be present at the outset, and it will re-process stored X-ray data from previous acquisitions. (AutoPhaseMap is also available in AZtecTEM.)

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The latest version AZtecHKL includes:

  • an enhanced re-analysis tool that enables greater indexing flexibility without the need to reacquire data. EDS data collected simultaneously with EBSD can now assist in the re-analysis of the original data set
  • a new forescatter imaging application that acquires up to six individual images simultaneously.  Images can be optimised and collected automatically, or mixed in every way to better highlight orientation, topography and atomic number contrasts
  • real-time monitoring during acquisition that now allows data validation ‘on the fly’.

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General improvements to the platform


General improvements include a new reporting template generator and number of usability enhancements, such as network licensing.

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AutoPhasemap in Action

EBSD Re-analysis in action