AZtec Tip 4 :Forescatter Detectors
AZtecTips 5: Editing existing report templates

No matter what your requirements, AZtec will help you present the reports you need in the format you want them

  • Fast: reporting direct from the interface - a simple right click and data can be e-mailed direct to your custome
  • Flexible: a dedicated application enables you to export your data in the format and resolution you want
  • Structured: a comprehensive list of report templates tailored to each application enables you to print a professional report with a single button press

Want to create your own templates?

The easiest way is pick a system template that is nearest to what you want and modify it. In this 5 minute AZtecTip video we show how to take two system templates and combine them to create your own personalised one!

NB Part 2 will be available by the end of July 2014.

AZtec Tip 5: Getting the reports you want by combining and editing existing templates