The OmniProbe cryo liCryo lift-outft-out option extends lift-out capability to cryogenic samples, inc. those prepared by high-pressure freezing.


  • Manipulate samples that have been cooled as low as -180ºC
  • Expand high-resolution analysis to a wide range of samples, from batteries to biological
  • Comprises a custom probe shaft assembly, passively cooled via the cryo system’s cold finger
  • A non-exclusive license is included to practice Oxford Instruments’ patented ice attachment method (US 8513622)

Achieve high quality TEM data on samples formerly difficult or impossible to analyze at high resolution.

  • Aqueous samples, inc. liquid-solid interfaces
  • Batteries, bio-implants, hydrogels
  • Large cells and tissues
  • III-V materials and polymers
  • Reduce FIB artifacts in Ga+ reactive or heat sensitive samples
  • Improve tomographic data reconstruction and accuracy
  • Avoid cryo ultramicrotome-induced sample compression
  • Available for OmniProbe 100 or OmniProbe 200 and is field retrofittable