Future-proof your INCA and AZtec nanoanalysis systemsAs with all technologies, the microanalysis system of today is rapidly evolving: new PCs and detectors, new software algorithms, new ways of working...  OIService helps to extend the lifetime of your system and keeps the operators at the frontiers of the science. 

Reasons to Upgrade

1: Windows XP is now obsolete - you need to act now!

If you are an INCA user you need to be aware that Microsoft withdrew XP support on 8th April 2014. (more).  You should contact your OIService office today to discuss your options - perhaps to upgrade to Windows 7 INCA, or to upgrade to the latest technology, AZtec.

2: Maximise productivity - move to 64 bit performance now!

AZtec exploits the latest 64-bit PC architecture and delivers absolutely stunning performance. Transform your capability, efficiency... and take advantage of the latest software features!

  • Collect more data, collect it faster, view maps with mind blowing resolution
  • You can do things in real-time that used to be post-processing only - analysis, reporting, viewing EDS data during EBSD acquisition...

3: Do more than you thought possible - migrate to AZtec now!


Large Area Mapping in AZtec - more powerful than you can imagine, easier to use than you think.

Until we launched AZtec, INCA was the most powerful EDS microanalysis software on the market. AZtec is our next generation platform and extends microanalysis in every dimension imaginable...

  • Generates up to 8K maps 
  • Enables simultaneous EDS and EBSD analysis
  • Exploits new features and detector hardware
    • X-MaxN - up to 15 times more counts (even higher with multiple detectors)
    • New algorithms means every user will acheive results that only experts could once obtain (Tru-Q, Tru-I, refined accuracy indexing)... and all come as standard!
    • Automatically generate elemental maps with optimised colour allocation (AutoLayer)
    • Explore the thickness and composition of surface/sub-surface layers (LayerProbe)
    • Acquire datasets counted in billions of points (Large Area Mapping)
    • Automatically separate phases - even at the nanoscale (AutoPhaseMap)
    • Process and integrate your legacy data - full data compatibility with INCA

4: Still using liquid nitrogen? A new world is waiting for you!

We'll continue to offer support LN2 technology for some years to come. However the latest technology delivers so many performance advantages, can you afford not to upgrade to an LN2-free system now?

  • Our SDDs deliver much larger solid angle, faster collection and better light element detection
  • We provide a range of SDDs that match budget and performance
  • Systems ready in seconds - no waiting for the detector to cool
  • No health & safety issues, negligible lifetime running costs, superb uptime
  • Allows a move to AZtec acquisition and analysis software

OiService - Adding long-term value to your investment

Get the best from your investment now and for years to come. Maximise uptime. Optimise analytical practice. Transform your lab performance. Contact your local OIService centre and ask about our:

  • Accredited multi-layered maintenance and service contracts
  • Web-based courses and training videos
  • Upgrade options
  • Hands-on and theory classroom training leads to best practice
  • On-site training and consultancy tailored to your specific needs

Time to Future-proof your system and team? Contact OIService now!

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