Sub 20nm resolution in the SEM webinarIn this webinar Manchester University and Oxford Instruments will show how the latest FEG-SEMs and analysis technology makes EDS and EBSD characterisation at the sub 20 nm scale possible.

The speakers will present revolutionary new technology and demonstrate high spatial resolution analysis that currently requires TEM.

The webinar will appeal to anyone:

  • Wanting to characterise sub 20 nm structures in the FEG-SEM
  • With structures so small that only morphology information is achievable in their SEM
  • Looking to reduce routine analysis in the TEM
  • With an Ultra High Resolution FEG / FIB-SEM
  • Materials scientists interested in nano EDS / EBSD
  • Interested in SEM surface characterisation


Download the presentation (PDF)



Speakers for Oxford Instruments Webinar Nov 19th 2015


Supporting documents

X-Max Extreme brochure

X-Max Extreme is a windowless 100mm2 version of X-Max designed to maximise sensitivity and spatial resolution. It uses a radical geometry to optimise both imaging and EDS performance in ultra-high resolution FEG-SEMs. This 4 page brochure shows some of the applications.

PDF 6.05MB
Sub 10nm EDS analysis in the SEM

Using new detector technology and current ultra-high resolution FEG-SEM capability, the practical limitations for high spatial resolution EDS analysis in the SEM have been investigated. The results are shown in this application paper.

PDF 4.22MB
Improving EBSD spatial resolution

This application note illustrates the application of TKD to a nanostructured nickel sample and a highly deformed stainless steel, both of which were impossible to characterise using conventional EBSD.