In this webinar, Dr. Jenny Goulden (EBSD Business Manager) & Dr. Pat Trimby (EBSD Product Manager) discuss the new EBSD detector Symmetry.

The webinar consists of a general overview followed by a discussion about the design and innovation behind Symmetry. Multiple application examples are then shown such as:

  •     Ni
  •     Ti alloy
  •     Steels
  •     Geological
  •     Sensitive materials
  •     Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction

Symmetry Webinar Video & Slides

Symmetry Webinar Slides

Download the slides used in the Symmetry Webinar.

PDF 5.42MB

Symmetry Brochure & App Notes

Symmetry - EBSD Detector Brochure

Symmetry, the world's first EBSD detector based on CMOS sensor technology, is set to revolutionise EBSD analysis.

PDF 8.36MB