We have hosted multiple webinars on EDS and EBSD, click on the links or images below to be taken to the webinar page.


AZtecLive: A revolutionary approach to SEM-EDS analysis

See how AZtecLive can radically change the way you approach sample investigation in the electron microscope. AZtecLive offers a dynamic and interactive experience with LIVE ‘chemical imaging’. You’ll see different application examples, where AZtecLive is used to achieve results in a fraction of the time that current analysis methods can take…and in some cases, highlight issues that would normally be missed. Whether you regularly carry out materials research, failure analysis, general forensics or you just want to speed up your everyday analysis…AZtecLive will have something to offer you.


High Speed Particle Analysis - Recent Advances & New Applications

The automated acquisition and classification of linked morphology and chemistry data from particles, grains, inclusions or other features is vital in many fields. In addition, it is often necessary to classify and report results to internal and international standards.In this webinar we will discuss how the new functionality in AZtecFeature addresses these requirements.


Characterizing Materials Webinar: Recent breakthroughs in low voltage imaging and EDS analysis at the nano-scale

This webinar recording, a joint presentation by ZEISS and Oxford Instruments, is a must for materials scientists and engineers needing to image and characterize regions less than 50 nm size in the scanning electron microscope.



Symmetry: The Technology Breakthrough in EBSD

In this webinar, Dr. Jenny Goulden (EBSD Business Manager) & Dr. Pat Trimby (EBSD Product Manager) discuss the new EBSD detector Symmetry.


In-situ Heating Characterisation Using EBSD

The development of fast acquisition EBSD systems, coupled with heating stages which can fit inside the SEM, has advanced the interest in in-situ experimentation. Phenomena, such as phase transformations and recrystallisation, may now be observed directly in real-time and with high spatial resolution. These processes can then be linked to the underlying microstructure, yielding a detailed insight into how materials behave in different environments.


Extending your microanalysis capabilities with EBSD

EBSD Webinar





EBSD, Electron Backscatter Diffraction, is a well established accessory for the SEM which is applied to characterise microstructure. Typically, it is integrated with chemical analysis through Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS). The integration of EBSD with EDS extends the breadth of sample information you can gather in the SEM, giving greater material insight.