New MercuryiTC temperature controller - get yours half price!

MercuryITC Half PricePlace an order for an Optistat or Microstat cryostat system* and get your new MercuryiTC temperature controller half price.

Each Microstat or Optistat system will be delivered with the new MercuryiTC temperature controller:

  • Plug and play expansion cards.
  • Touch screen interface
  • Combining several instruments in one:
    • Control temperature and auto-needle valve
    • Monitor cryogen levels
  • 4 simultaneous PID control loops

Microstat, the leading brand in optical cryostats for microscopy applications

  • New Mercury electronics
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Lowest vibration and drift on the market
  • Short working distances enables the use of high magnification optics

Click here to find out more about the product range and which cryostat is right for you.

Optistat, the leading brand in optical cryostats

Optistat range includes compact optical cryostats available in various configurations to fit most spectroscopy applications.

  • New Mercury electronics
  • Enhanced performance
  • Lowest helium consumption on the market

Click here to choose from a range of helium or nitrogen cooled or cryogen-free cryostats.

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