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Socialize with Science, Europe

Nicholas Kurti Science Prize 2017 winners

At this specially held event at LT28 Meeting, Oxford Instruments felicitated Dr Francois Parmentier from the Universit̩ Paris-Saclay, France and Dr Erwann Bocquillon from the Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain, France Рthe joint winners of the 2017 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize.
Dr Parmentier and Dr Bocquillon were awarded with the Trophies, 8000 Euros prize money in cash in total, and the certificates by the Chairman of the Nicholas Kurti Science Prize Selection Committee, at our above special event ‘Socialize with Science’, Europe edition. Over 300 Scientists attended the presentation ceremony.

Venue: Congress Hall, The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Gothia Towers, Gothenberg, Sweden.

Date: Friday, 11th August, 2017.

Time: 6.15 pm to 8.00 pm.

The winners shared their work during the event, details of which are as below, followed by a drinks reception -

Dr Francois Parmentier's talk title: 'A noisy life: shot noise measurements in mesoscopic physics & measurement of the quantum limited heat flow of electrons'.

Talk abstract: Quantum shot noise is a cornerstone concept of mesoscopic quantum physics, in which the transport of charges across coherent conductors gives rise to finite current fluctuations, highlighting the particle-wave duality of these charges. Dr Parmentier reviewed the basic physics and hallmark experiments on quantum shot noise, as well as the technical challenges of such measurements. He then presented a recent application, where he has measured the quantum limit of heat flow carried by electrons using noise measurements.

Dr Erwann Bocquillon's talk title: Search for topological superconductivity in HgTe Josephson junctions.

Talk abstract: Topological insulators coupled to superconducting and ferromagnetic electrodes are a candidate system for the realization of Majorana fermions, and have recently attracted considerable attention due to the prospects for non-Abelian exchange statistics and the associated applications to topological quantum computation. However, experimental studies unveiling topological superconductivity remain scarce. Here Dr Bocquillon introduced the underlying principles and briefly present his works that have evidenced the fractional Josephson effect, an expected manifestation of topological superconductivity in Josephson junctions.

Thanks to all who joined this event. It was great to discuss how we can help with your research.

LT28 Meeting 2017

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Socialize with Science, Europe

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