The OptistatTMDry is specifically designed for low temperature spectroscopy applications. Its unique design makes it the most versatile and flexible optical cryostat on the market. It allows optical spectroscopists to cool their samples to less than 3 Kelvin without the need for liquid cryogens make it a cryogen free (dry) optical cryostat.

How to change your samples

This video shows how to change your samples in a working environment, using both standard and the new puck sample holder

How to fit your windows

This video will show how simple and easy it is to change your windows.

How to run your first test

This video will demonstrate the best practices and methods to run your first test.

How to set up your system

This video shows the techniques and tips on how to set up your system.

How to unpack your system

This video shows what to expect in the box when you receive your OptistatTMDry system.

For more information about the OptistatTMDry, click here.

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