Cryofree® or cryogen free product range

Oxford Instruments NanoScience's vision is to be the partner of choice for Cryofree tools and systems for nano characterisation and measurement at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Therefore, we have focused on the development of Cryofree technology over the last few years and have now a wide range of products to choose from such as, optical cryostats, superconducting magnets, He3 systems and dilution refrigerators.

Product range summary
Temperature No magnetic field Low field (up to 8 T) High field (up to 15-18 T)
4 K

OptistatAC-V, OptistatPT

- -
3 K


- -
1.5 K OptistatPT

SpectromagPT (optical access)



300 mK



TeslatronPT fitted with HelioxVT


30 mK

- TeslatronPT fitted with KelvinoxVT
10 mK