The Fritz London Memorial Prize, established in 1957, is an international prize awarded once every three years which is intended to recognise outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions to low temperature physics. The prize commemorates the research of Fritz London, a pioneer in the early development of Superconductivity. His brother, Heinz London, worked closely with Sir Martin Wood on the first commercialisation of the dilution refrigerator in 1966. The prize is administered by Duke University, North Carolina.

Oxford Instruments NanoScience is the sponsor for the Fritz London Memorial Prize since 1996.

Sauls, Halperin and Parpia are awarded the prize for their outstanding contribution to the study and understanding of the role of confinement and disorder in superfluid 3He.

The winners of the Fritz London Memorial Prize have been presented with their prizes at the International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, LT28 in Gothenburg, Sweden in August 2017.

Fritz London 2017 Prize Winners






Dr Michael Cuthbert from Oxford Instruments NanoScience, a member of the Advisory Board along with Paul Leiderer from Kostantz University, a member of the Prize Committee attended the prize award ceremony.

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