Io compact cooling for low temp detectors

Oxford Instruments is pleased to announce its latest new product within the Cryofree® cooling systems family – the Io.

Oxford Instruments announces Dr Brad Ramshaw of Cornell University, as the winner of the 2017 Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prize.

Oxford Instruments is delighted to announce Professor Akihito Ishizaki from the Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science Department at the Institute for Molecular...

Oxford Instruments announces the launch of the SampleProtect measurement system for sensitive samples used in spectroscopy experiments

Oxford Instruments is pleased to announce the latest version of their OptistatDry, further strengthening their Cryofree® optical cryostat family The new TLEX model provides...

Oxford Instruments announces the launch of a new collaborative project with the United Kingdom’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the National Graphene Institute...

Oxford Instruments’ OptistatDry integrated into Edinburgh Instruments’ Fluorescence Spectrometers for cryogen free cooling to less than 3 K

Oxford Instruments and Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory collaborate to develop HTS magnet technology components for high field superconducting magnet systems.

Oxford Instruments welcomes Dr Takuya Satoh, winner of the Sir Martin Wood Prize, for UK lecture tour

Oxford Instruments announces Dr Andrea Caviglia, Delft University of Technology as winner of the 2016 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize

Oxford Instruments is unveiling its 2016 new generation Triton Cryofree® dilution refrigerator at a series of high-profile physics conferences this month. With over 220...

Oxford Instruments and SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH sign agreement for Nanonis Tramea quantum transport measurement system

Oxford Instruments announces Dr Mohammad Hamidian of Harvard University, as winner of the 2016 Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prize