If you are interested in the Nicholas Kurti Science Prize, please download the nomination form (see bottom of the page).

Objective of the prize: To support and recognise the excellent work produced by young researchers in Europe.

Research area: Employing low temperatures and/or high magnetic fields.

Eligibility: Candidates should be producing work in research to a post doctoral level or equivalent (up to 7 years post PhD at the time of nomination). Candidates can be of any nationality but research must have been predominantly conducted in a European Institute. The work submitted for the Nicholas Kurti Science Prize should be peer reviewed and preferably published.

Prize: The prize is awarded annually. The prize consists of a personal cheque for €8,000 and the winner will receive a trophy and a commemorative certificate. The prize will also include support to attend a conference in Europe.

Candidate’s nominator: The candidate should be nominated by a recognised expert in the field.

Number of nominations: Each nominator can sponsor one applicant only.

Nomination method: Please submit the completed nomination form online by the due date. Fill out all the details together with three key publications and details of two referees whom the selection committee may contact.

Please note: If the attachment size is over 10 MB, please send the nomination in parts.

Selection method: The selection committee will review all applications and select the winner.

The winner will be announced by end of January, 2018.