Discovery Work Experience Programme

Oxford Instruments has been providing the school students in Oxfordshire and the neighboring areas with 'work experience weeks' for many years. The work experience weeks spent at our organisations have always been popular with students.

Based on our experience of providing successful work experience weeks, we launched our ‘Discovery Work Experience Programme’ in 2016 for students under A level. The purpose of launching this structured work experience programme is to provide valuable insight into Oxford Instruments and to give the students an opportunity to see personally, what it is like to work in the industry. By talking to people already in business, students can find out how it is to be working in a manufacturing company dealing with world-class scientific equipments.

Details of 2016 programme can be found here.

The second Discovery Work Experience Programme 2017was held from 19th June to 30th June at Oxford Instruments, Tubney Woods, after two weeks of learning activities including a blend of classroom-style briefings, practical-based tasks, presentations and work shadowing across a range of functional disciplines.

Click here for a snapshot of the 2017 programme.

The ‘Discovery Work Experience Programme’ is complementary to the range of other programmes already in place, as listed below.

Other programmes:

Project-based summer placements

In addition to the Discovery Work Experience Programme, we also accept students with specific skills for project-based placements during summer. Email us, if you are interested.

Long-term internships

If you are taking a year-off and want to acquire some work experience within your area of interest, email us to find out whether there are any opportunities.

Apprenticeship and trainee programmes

We hold regular workshops at universities and colleges to attract young talent to join us as apprentices (4 year programme) and short-term trainees. As an Apprentice or trainee, you will work with people, who are leaders in their fields and with products that you will be excited to tell your friends and family about. Most importantly, you will have experience and develop skills that will give you an exciting and fulfilling career. A detailed program guide is available. Email us, if you would like to know more.

Apply on-line for our learning programmes here

We're @ 10th PESM workshop this wk.Dr Welch is presenting a poster on Multiple-step ICP etching of magnetic metals
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