Oxford Instruments NanoScience is proud to sponsor the Sir Martin Wood China Prize for research in physical science. This Prize was launched in 2013 and its aim is to promote and recognise the novel work of young scientists working in the fields of low temperatures or high magnetic fields in China. Oxford Instruments is aware that there is a critical and often difficult stage for many between completing their Ph.D and gaining a permanent research position. The company therefore would like to support individuals in China who are producing innovative work by offering assistance both financially and through promotion of their research work.

  • Objective of the prize: To recognise and reward excellent research conducted by young scientists in China
  • Research area: Any scientific result has been achieved in low temperature, high magnetic fields or vacuum environment
  • Eligibility: Candidates should be 40 years old and under and have made an outstanding achievement in a Chinese University or Research Institute
  • Prize: The prize is awarded biennially to maximum 3 individuals. The prize comprises of a Chinese Yuan 100,000 (total amount) cheque, a commemorative certificate & trophy
  • Nominator: The candidate should be nominated by a recognised expert in the field of physics science. Self-nomination is also acceptable
  • Application process: Send the complete application to committee secretary
  • Selection method: Adjudication by the Selection Committee of the Prize

The call for nominations for the China 2017 Sir Martin Wood Science Prize will be announced shortly.

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