Our new generation Triton Cryofree® dilution refrigerator

With even more experimental space, enhanced sensitivity, greater cooling power and ease-of-use

With hundreds of systems installed worldwide, TritonTM is used in world-leading research across condensed matter physics, with a particular focus on advanced computing, quantum technologies, spintronics and optics. The new generation Triton system continues to provide market leading performance and reliability, with enhanced cooling power, ease of use, user access and experimental space.

  • NEW cooling power when you need it - high cooling power DU7 dilution units give enhanced sample cooling powers of 500 µW at 100mK and 15 µW at 20 mK
  • NEW large experimental space - more space on all the experimental stages means greater capacity for wiring, filtering, signal attenuation and other RF signal chain components to be easily accommodated.
  • NEW design features for easiest operation and highest reliability - delivering single-person-operation and easy access to cold stage
  • Low vibration for the most sensitive experiments
  • Complete magnet integration - only Oxford Instruments offers in-house design, manufacturing and support of both dilution refrigerator and superconducting magnet
  • Fast sample change and maximum sample size - unique top and bottom loading sample puck mechanisms for rapid, protected sample exchange while preserving base temperature performance
  • The Triton guarantee - 3 years comprehensive warranty including all supplied third party components, backed by our expert regional service teams, for complete peace of mind