HBLED Applications and Systems: Enabling the Solid State Lighting Revolution

HBLEDs – Enabling the Solid State Lighting Revolution

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology presents an evolution in Batch Etch technology

The HBLED industry justifiably demands high throughput, optimum device quality and low cost of ownership. With extensive experience of etching all HBLED related materials, our technologies enable the cost of ownership and yield required to maximize the performance of your devices.

Designed specifically for the harsh chemistries required for HBLED materials, the PlasmaPro1000 Astrea delivers fast etch rates uniformly across large wafer batches, while the PlasmaPro 100 single wafer etch tool delivers fast etch rates uniformly on wafers up to 200mm diameter.

Above all, both have been developed with reliability, uptime and ease of serviceability in mind.

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