Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has long been used to produce ultra thin films, but the atomic-level control is of increasing interest for its ability to also tune the material properties of films during deposition.

Plasma-Enhanced ALD can be further enhanced by applying a bias voltage to the substrate. This new technology enables precise tailoring of properties from stress to crystal phase during deposition. In addition to mainstream integrated circuits, this has applications in MEMS, LEDs and power semiconductors.

Oxford Instruments is offering an upgrade option for its ALD equipment to apply a bias voltage to the substrate, adding further control of the energy at the wafer surface in order to tune the properties of the deposited film.  While scaling to smaller features has been the main driver of demand for ALD to date, the developers of the coming generation of More-than-Moore products – from MEMS, to power semiconductors, to LEDs and other photonics – are increasingly looking to the process’ atomic control of deposition to design optimized materials for their particular applications.


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