Processing for Quantum Computing Workshop

Oxford Instruments & TU Delft present a one day workshop | 11th November 2015 | TU Delft, NL

This workshop will discuss developments and future trends in Quantum Computing. It is open to all those people working in industry and academia, with an interest in recent progress plus future trends in research and development, and the application of Quantum Computing. Talks to include:

  • Fabrication technology for QIP
    Dr David Haynes, Oxford Instruments
  • Microfabrication of Quantum Processors
    Dr Alessandro Bruno, QuTech Advanced Research Centre, TU Delft
  • Fabrication of superconductor-semiconductor nanostructures: A bumpy road towards quantum computation
    Dr Attila Geresdi, QuTech Advanced Research Centre, TU Delft
  • Latest advances in ALD process developments
    Dr Harm Knoops, Oxford Instruments
  • Advanced deposition processes
    Dr Ravi Sundaram, Oxford Instruments
  • Nanoscale etch technologies and their applications for QIP
    Michael Stokeley, Oxford Instruments
  • Fabrication of mechanically suspended superconducting films for quantum devices
    Dr Gary Steele, Quantum Nanoscience, TU Delft
  • Universal Quantum Photonic Circuits
    Dr Jacques Carolan, Centre for Quantum Photonics, University of Bristol
  • Technical Posters


Download the agenda