Wide band gap power semiconductor device production

The increasing adoption on renewable energy sources and the ever nearer prospect of electric vehicles is driving demand for power semiconductor components. Until now the device technology has mostly been based on silicon, however wide band gap materials such as GaN and SiC offer the possibility to increase efficiencies and reduce energy loss in power devices.

By combining our unique history of supplying processing equipment for high power silicon device fabrication with our extensive experience of production equipment and processes for GaN based HBLED device manufacture, we have produced world leading solution for wide band gap power device fabrication.

Low damage plasma processes for compound semiconductor applications

Chris Hodson, Product Manager at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology will present:
"Low damage plasma processes for compound semiconductor applications"
at CS International, 18-19 March, Frankfurt, Germany.


There are a growing number of compound semiconductor applications where there are highly sensitive interfaces that damage is easily induced. Applications sensitive to damage include GaN and SiC wide band gap power devices and front side etch of GaAs RF devices. This presents many challenges for plasma based etch and deposition processes where thermal, ion or photon induced damage can occur unless steps are taken to minimise their impact. For example the passivation of an AlGaN/GaN surface in a power HEMT requires careful control of the plasma deposition process conditions to minimise ion energy and avoid damage to the interface associated with trapped charge and defect states. Some ion energy, however, may be beneficial for the film properties, e.g. densification of the film. This talk will review the control of plasma conditions through process and hardware parameters in deposition processes such as PECVD and ALD, and review etch parameters necessary to produce smooth features to enable low leakage devices.

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Wide band gap power semiconductor device production: GaN and SiC process solutions