We recognise that some customers may wish to upgrade their existing system PCs to run Microsoft Windows 10.

Below is some information on which PC hardware and operating systems will be supported by us if upgrading to Windows 10.

  • If you allow your system to automatically update to Windows 10 via windows updates (if enabled) it will result in a direct like-for-like replacement of the installed Win 7 Professional (32bit) by Win 10 Professional (32bit)
  • Newly built systems or replacement PCs issued with Windows 10 will have the Windows 10 Professional (64bit) version, as this will be our standard platform going forward

The table below shows our best understanding of the upgrade paths available at the time printed and is subject to change as new information on the compatibility of particular PC models becomes available

PC Model Current Operating System Upgrade to Win 10 Supported? Notes
Any Windows 95 No  
Any Windows 98 No  
Any Windows 2000 No  
Any Windows XP No  
Any Win 7 Home No  
HP DC-8300 Win 7 Professional Yes Tools which have an Ocean Optics endpoint detector fitted will require new Oxford Instruments drivers to
installed to function under Windows 10
HP 800G1 Win 7 Professional Yes
HP 800G2 Win 7 Professional Yes
  • If you have a PC model that is not listed in the above table, then it is probable that it will NOT be supported if upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Please feel free to contact us for additional help and advice on your particular configuration if you have any doubts at: ptsupport@oxinst.com.