We're excited to announce that we have a brand new blog!

We’ve created a blog for everyone interested in all things Plasma Technology. Whether it’s Plasma Etch, PECVD, Ion Beam Etch, 2D Materials such as Graphene or you’re just generally interested in what we do then please join us every Wednesday for our latest blog.

Our blogs will be brought to you by our highly knowledgeable team of experts including Dr Mark Dineen, Dr Mike Cooke, Ravi Sundaram and guests who will bring a different perspective on how plasma affects their devices.

We welcome discussions, comments and suggestions for future blog topics and improvements too – feedback is always appreciated. Email us at Plasma-marcoms@oxinst.com

  • This blog has been set up to create a platform where we can share, discuss and debate all things science and technology especially those that are plasma related.
  • Keep up to date with the latest on our research, events, workshops and more.
  • We’ll also be featuring guest bloggers so join us every Wednesday for our latest post.

Visit the blog