5 Key elements to look for in your plasma process:

  • High Wafer Throughput​
    Fast rates and low clean overheads mean higher tool uptime. Higher uptime means more wafers through your fab
  • Profile Control
    Vertical facets means higher device efficiency – more light out for power in
  • Smooth Surfaces
    Means less light scattering – more usable light
  • Accurate & Repeatable
    Essential with such complex structures, stopping in the right layer and creating the correct layer thickness can make or break your device
  • Uniformity
    Uniform well controlled process means that more devices can be made from each wafer, improved yield decreases costs

In this white paper we examine the role of plasma processing technologies in InP laser diode manufacture focusing on the relative merits of inductively coupled plasma chemical vapour deposition (ICPCVD) and plasma enhanced CVD (PECVD). A primary aim is to highlight the relevant characteristics of different processes and show how they can be optimally applied, in combination, to efficiently fabricate high performance lasers.

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