Technical Posters

Growth of 2-dimensional materials

Authors: Ravi S. Sundaram, Mike Cooke, Cigang Xu

The application of Bosch™ Deep Silicon Etch (DSiE) to the Manufacture of X-Ray Lenses

Authors: Katarzyna Korwin-Mikke, Mark E McNie, Lucia Alianelli.

PDF 1.35MB
High Aspect Ratio Deep Silicon Etching in the Bosch™ Process at the Micro/Nanoscale

Authors: Katarzyna Korwin-Mikke, Zhong Ren, Mark McNie, Colin Welch

Low Temperature PEALD of TiN from TDMAT: A Chlorine-free Route to Low Resistivity

Authors: T. R. Sharp, A. K. Peter, B. MacKenzie, H. C. M Knoops, G. Proudfoot and R. Gunn

Metallic Nanoparticle Formation by Sputtering and Annealing

Authors: Louise R. Bailey, Cigang Xu, Brodie Mackenzie & Gary Proudfoot


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