Sic Via Etch WebinarAs a leading provider of process solutions for a broad range of applications, Oxford Instruments is delighted to announce the development and launch of the SiC via plasma etch process using its high performance PlasmaPro 100 Polaris etch system.

  • SiC is becoming an increasingly important material, particularly in the arena of high performance GaN RF devices using SiC as a substrate. A smooth via etch through the SiC is essential to enable these devices, and Oxford Instruments has developed the ideal solution for etching high quality SiC vias efficiently.
  • Combined with a low damage GaN etch within the same hardware, the PlasmaPro100 Polaris offers a unique capability for GaN based RF device plasma etch processing requirements.
  • Dr Mark Dineen, Optoelectronics Product Manager at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology describes this latest technology that offers several process capabilities suited to the SiC via application.