Agnes Kurek, Saleem Shabbir, Tom Miller, Aileen O’Mahony, Harm Knoops, Annika Peter, Owain Thomas, & Bob Gunn - Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Plasma ALD of SiO2, NiO and HfO2 on the FlexAL: Modifying Flow, Pressure and Plasma Parameters

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) of ultra-thin oxide films is critical for maximum device performance in many applications including photovoltaics, optics, and microelectronics. Within a robust plasma ALD process, the elements of flow, pressure and plasma conditions must be optimised to achieve best film quality.
The effects of these parameters on the RI, VBD and Uniformity of newly-developed ALD processes were presented recently at by Dr Agnieszka Kurek our ALD Process Engineer at the 2016 BALD Conference.

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