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Oxford Instruments, founded in 1959, invented the world's first superconducting magnet. This led directly to the development of the worlds first MRI system. Oxford Instruments Healthcare, part of the service division of Oxford Instruments, is a leading ISO 9001 & 13485 certified organization that offers a comprehensive range of Equipment, Maintenance Service, Quality parts and mobile CT & MRI.Oxford Instruments Healthcare California Office

With healthcare institutions of all sizes facing economic pressures, Oxford Instruments Healthcare offers a new alternative.  For years, healthcare institutions have paid a premium to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) because these institutions thought it was the only way to guarantee product quality and expert support. Oxford Instruments Healthcare is the first global manufacturer that provides U.S. hospitals and medical imaging centers with a more cost effective way to provide top quality service to their customers. That means healthcare providers from large hospitals to small imaging centers can confidently choose refurbished CT & MRI scanners as though they were buying direct from the OEM.

Every organization has its own unique requirements for providing patient care. Oxford Instruments Healthcare offers hospitals and medical imaging centers the convenience of working with one company for both their CT & MRI scanners. Every scanner is refurbished to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Oxford Instruments Healthcare also offers customers responsive 24/7 technical support via remote monitoring to diagnose problems and minimize downtime. With facilities on the East and West coast, Oxford Instruments Healthcare can provide innovative support options that will constantly exceed expectations by providing higher standards of service, quality, integrity and value.

About Oxford Instruments:

Martin and Audrey Wood founded Oxford Instruments in 1959. Oxford Instruments was the first commercial spin-off from Oxford University. The company started operations in Wood's garden shed in Oxford, England, and moved to an abandoned slaughterhouse in North Oxford as work expanded. By the early 60s, Wood was one of a handful of experts in the fledgling science of superconducting magnets, and Oxford Instruments pioneered the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), providing the first superconducting magnets for this application.

"When superconductors arrived, so few people in the industry knew about them," says Martin Wood. "They all knew about electronics, but not low temperature or magnetic fields. We did not know about superconductors either, but we did know about magnetic fields. We were moving into a new technology, so there were no teachers."

Fifty years later, Oxford Instruments is still a world leader in superconducting magnet technology. Companies like Oxford Instruments form the bridge between science and the consumer, by turning smart science - such as superconducting magnets - into commercially successful products.

Over the years, Oxford Instruments has been awarded thirteen Queen's Awards for innovation, exports and technology. As mankind faces the great challenges of the 21st Century, Oxford Instruments is providing scientists with the tools to tackle issues concerned with alternative energy, climate change, environmental pollution and healthcare.  The Business of Science is part of the company's strong worldwide brand, which now extends to the business of bringing both quality and value to refurbished CT & MRI scanners and service for the healthcare industry.

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